Friday, August 4, 2017


Jumping the shark with this massive meta blog post which asks the question; is it safe to go back into the water? Plus some malted barley, hops, yeast and water that does not contain any fish by products 

Tigress Shark: Dancing with Tiger Sharks

Who can King Shark beat?
Who is a good boy?  Pa Pa Paws Week!
Cassie Scerbo

 Melania Trump, the wife of a Land Shark?

Tiger Shark - Amazing White Tiger Underwater

Recommended Shark Bait

Remember this Dickie Goodman song called "Mr. Jaws"?

3.8 billion people living inside the highlighted circle
"Whosoever commands the sea commands the trade; whosoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of the world, and consequently the world itself." -  Sir Walter Raleigh

China is surrounding India with massive Chinese infrastructure projects and workers. To India’s east, the Chinese are building a major port on the Indian Ocean coast of Burma. To India’s west, they have already built the port of Gwadar in western Pakistan, as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Hambantota, Sri Lanka is the Chinese-built port south of India. The new Chinese military logistic facility is at Djibouti, which marks the western terminus of the BRI in the Indian Ocean.

The standoff near Bhutan continues

Tracking the Spratly Islands stuff

Following the North Korea stuff

Another opportunity to take a break from the crazy news week and enjoy some chicks who ignored us in high school and who are still pretty happy about that decision

Most all of the following Rule 5 Links are to pics generally considered NSFW. If your significant other or your oppugner harangue you for clicking these Rule 5 links, Merriam Webster is absolutely responsible for any consequences arising from your failure to click the links at appropriate times or places.

Fred Dude's Friday Babes

Femme Fatale Friday: Daisy Ridley

Friday Femme Fatale Sizzling

Friday Night Babe is Alyssa Miller

Big Medium Boob Friday with Sarah McDaniel

Shark Week Fish Pic Friday

Legendary Female Aviator (who Could Drink Any Sailor Under the Table)

Meet the Woman Behind New York’s 1800s School For Crooks

We all have had a relative that we refrain from talking about and really don't want our friends to meet. You know, the one that always manage to embarrass you and nevers turns up sober. One like Aunt Mabel...

Gun porn from LIFE magazine of 1947

Pictures of Monica Vitti

“Vamp” – Theda Bara

Tonight's Vintage Babe is Anna Nicole Smith

Carole Lombard Eyebrows

The Ladybirds: The world's first all girl toplee rock band(s)

Adult Tumblrs Hidden From Search

Rule 5 - A Tattooed Lady - Tori Praver

Sultress - Stephanie Seymour

Rated R Randomness

Cara Delevingne (mega-post)

Cosplay This Week

BeCos(play) It's Friday

Girls Of The Redheaded Rebellion

Wonder Woman Cosplay

Desnudas are painted nude panhandlers that are often colored in star-spangled patterns and walk the streets of Times Square.

NSFW Fred Dude The Master Blogger

"The best posts I have seen this week" - Proof Positive Dude

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXLIV)

Rodney's far out space

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