Sunday, August 13, 2017

An Electrifying Photo Dump

It’s amazing !  It’s stupendous !

It’s beyond your wildest dreams of what blogging entertainment can truly be !
You’ll be thrilled ! You’ll be enthralled !

It' a HOT one

Don't mess with Aunt Mabel

Monumental photo dump of Sophia Loren

"     "MD 20/20 as majestic as the cascading waters of a drain pipe, but beware; this dog has a bite to back up its bark." - Marine General James Mattis 

We don't want girls on our mailing list

Pre-Safety programs

A bunch of Valerie Leon photos 

A selection of cosplay, retro, vintage, and weird photos. Extracted from the far out corners of the internet

Miss Nerdy Pageants


 A ban on pedestrians looking at mobile phones or texting while crossing the street will take effect in Hawaii's largest city in late October, as Honolulu becomes the first major U.S. city to pass legislation aimed at reducing injuries and deaths from "distracted walking."

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